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Looking for the best combo with what i have

Hey guys, working on my motor again kind of stumped on a couple things. I have a 355 with rotating assembly(balanced crank, rods,1.560 flat top with vr's,stock deck height) have L31 vortec heads ls6 beehives, comp retainers and seal bosses machined, will be running a shim gasket( if i did the math right ill have 10.1:1 cr)have a dual plane vortec intake and a choice of a 600 edelbrock,650 holley or a 750 holley. Been looking at cams........and looking and looking. Contemplating comps x268h. What other brands are you guys running with good results? 66 Impala 2 dr(3600lbs)TH350, 3.31 geared 12 bolt with 27" tires(will not put stickies on at any time) need cam advice and torque converter recommendations. Will mostly be a weekend cruiser with speeds below 70mph. I dont want to change anything at this point unless absolutely necessary. Thanks guys!
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