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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
A-body never used the four piston caliper. It had a single piston as a rare option (Y51 RPO code) starting in 1969 through 1972, they were redesigned in 1972 to use a brake compatible with the lighter Camaro and Nova cars. It was redesigned again in the eighties to go metric with an even smaller single piston metric caliper and used through the remainder of the A, F, and G body cars. In 1967 -'68 the Camaro used the same Corvette rotors and calipers as the Corvette with a special RPO code of JL8 for four wheel discs or J56 for front wheel only disc brakes).

Big Dave

Oh boy am I confused then............

Would the A Bodies have had front disc brakes as a dealer option then if they weren't a Factory fitted option?
The reason I ask is there is a lot of suppliers that list front calipers and rotors for A Bodies years 1967 - 1968.

All the links above are for A Body cars 1967-68 which is why I asked the question above.
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