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Originally Posted by BA. View Post
Never seen that before. [emoji16] Definitely doin what you gotta do!
Yeah, same here. Panel replacement is panel replacement, regardless! The sedan trunk lid was like 7" longer than the HT coupe lid. The inner skeleton was also different, except for the very end, so I evened up the one on the car, and cut out the spare to match. The outer skin has a lap joint on it. The original was so screwed up with a new 'patch' welded over the rotted out part and a ton of putty. The keyhole was at an upward angle due to the way the shortened skeleton was tacked to the inside. It appears the lid was sprung and puttied up to match instead of correcting it, so a little more work there. Looking to be done this year, but the weather hasn't really been cooperating! I bought just about everything for the interior, and a new wiring harness, different wheels and front seats. Found some other parts in a yard, but the guy doesn't want to sell them.
Oh well - putty, paint, wiring, interior, plates and a sticker and should be good to GO!


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