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Bucket Seat Mounts

I am considering purchasing these seat mount brackets that are welded to the floors on my 68'.
What I have noticed is that the rear part of the track sit's/welds directly to the floor. After mocking up just the seat tracks and leveling out the vehicle; the seat tracks still lean inward. To get these trtacks leveled the rear inner track will have to be raised to 1" and the front inner track to 1 1/2".
The pics. of the factory seat mounts is a stamped piece that appears to be raised off the floorboards.
My question is can anyone respond with a factory set up to post their height's of the inner track mounts? Or know an outlet that repro's these pieces? Yeah I know all about the rarity of 68/69 parts . Fabbing brackets is not out of the question either if I can get some measurements. Thanks All.
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