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Originally Posted by Blue88Coupe View Post
I'll get a hi res photo of the documentation sometime this weekend for you. That piece of documentation was found by the previous owner, it was under the head liner. I was told it was an Arlington car. I'm in Dallas and bought it in Dallas.

I'll search for the build sheet this weekend.

As far as I know its a 327/glide car. The previous owner kept saying "its got the tach, its got the tach" but its not a tach. Its a big *** vacuum gauge right in the middle of the dash. I thought that was pretty freaking cool.

The car was last registered in '77 and supposedly last ran in the 90's. Pretty much everything is there. all trim peices, all brackets everything. Its gonna need quite a bit of body work though.

How do I tell if its the high horsepower 327 or the low horse power? Its got the four barrel quadrajet but I havent found a part number on it yet.
The car could very well have the high horse 327/300, even with the powerglide. See if you can get the engine pad numbers or a pic of them, which are located in front of the passengers side cylinder head. The suffix code would be HD. If original, it will have the vin stamped on the pad. The low horse 327/250's didn't get the vin stamped next to the engine code.

Do you have any other paperwork from the car like the protectoplate?

Interesting location for that inspection sheet. I never think to check the headliner when documenting cars in junkyards. Was the car stored indoors?

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