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Originally Posted by TAR6569 View Post
The handstamped number on the vin tag is actually 03 5, it was stamped by the dealer and means the car was delivered in March of 65. The vin is what you want to use when you apply for that lost title.

Wow! That inspection sheet is so cool. I've never seen one like that before. Did you find it in the car or was it already out? Dang mice! haha Any way I could get a good scan of photocopy of the full sheet (what's left of it) for my research?

I have seen some 1965 Arlington build sheets before. Check up, behind the speedo cluster, under the seats of course and behind the rear armrest panels. It would be neat to have both pieces of documentation.

Notice on that inspection sheet that it shows stuff that would apply to other GM lines but not (yet) Chevrolet like C75 Comfort Control and A93 Vac Door Locks. Also, the inspection sheet was used by fisher body before the vin tag was put on so the person who filled out this sheet on the line would/may not have known (or had access to) the vin at that point. The build sheet would have the sequence number, 405, written on it as well.

What is/was the original engine/trans in the car?


Here is a higher resolution picture of the inspection sheet:
Just click on the image once it loads and it should be fairly large.

I can send it directly to anyone who wants it through email. Its about 1mb.
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