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I understand your questioning but I think Verne has given up trying to correct all the incorrect information on the internet. I know that we are anonymous to each other and you probably do not know Verne's credentials so I encourage you to investigate this on your own. The fact is that the Impala SS was a unique model from 1964-1967 only and have their own unique model number in the VIN. All other year Impalas take more investigation. You will find this in chevrolet literature, books, and various other published sources. I know from experience that when Verne types something it is indeed a documented fact, if not he will phrase it as an obvious opinion. BTW Verne is the foremost expert on '58-'64 full size chevrolets in the country and we are lucky that he still shares his expertise with us. That web site is a very good resource but double check to be sure.

I'm not trying to dismiss your questioning, that is good and natural, just trying to educate. Do a search and you will confirm my conclusion, also see the link below.

A good book for this information with minimal errors is "chevy by the Numbers" by Colvin

Try this decoder. it looks better. See it does not have a code for Impala SS in 1962.


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