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The only 14" inch wheels that will clear a stock single caliper GM caliper on an 11" rotor where used on a Nova, Camaro or a Chevelle. These are all steel 14 by 6 or 14 by 7 inch wheels with neutral back spacing and five lug on 4-3/4 inch bolt circles. These wheels are rare and expensive. They will also tear up your tires when they are being mounted by a tire machine operated by a minimum wage teen age temp worker as there isn't a bead well for the tire bead to drop into. Here is what the difference in the wheels looks like:

All disc brake equipped big cars came with 15 inch wheels (usually Corvette Rally wheels) because the brakes that Chevrolet used on your car (1965-'70) from the factory came off of a Corvette and used a Girling four piston brake caliper.

If you want to use the CPP single piston GM caliper brakes off of a mid eighties A or G-body car (intermediate sized not designed for a full sized car) then you will need to find a 14 flat bottom steel wheel or a 14" Rally wheel for a disc brake Camaro or Chevelle from 1969-'74 that wasn't a Z/28 or SS as they all used 15 inch wheels starting in 1969.

If you don't want to spend the rest of your lkife looking on e-Bay for these wheels this company finds and resells them:

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