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Originally Posted by BA. View Post
Hey Walter, I can appreciate that you spent your hard-earned dollars on the Lifetime Membership,

I clicked on "Search"> Advanced Search> put in 'antenna' and username 'BA.', and it gave me only 4 threads. The 3rd one was it. In it there is a link for
I sent my pics to the guy via email, but I had the very unofficial measurement as:
"basically it's 25" from the rear body-panel line where the quarter-panel would have the corner piece bolted on and it's 3" from the trunk edge. "

Michael9040 later posted his true measurement: "It is 8.25" out from the rear filler panel seam and 3.5" forward from the center of the trunk lid radius."

We are privileged to have Google go to all the bother of reading every post written on this board and having the posts indexed by every word written (excluding articles like "the" and "a"). When you use the search function that allows you to narrow your search with additional terms you are searching only for posts on this board.

I have made a few posts here and for those that read my posts you know I tend to be a bit verbose. Google finds all of the relevant terms, which means you may end up looking at a few thousand returns if you included my user name. I don't know if it would dredge up the tens of thousands of posts on Team Nova and Team Camaro or not (they told us it wouldn't).

I think the admins on the Team boards made me a moderator here in an attempt to reduce traffic on the Nova and Camaro board (where I was known as Larger Dave).

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