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one more step forward, and another $400 bucks..

Posted 03-02-2010 at 02:38 PM by medisalle

.. and a leap of faith. We'll see how THIS turns out.

I (finally) ordered an after-market hood for the old girl yesterday, after waiting and waiting, and doing lots of research.

Seems that there's a ton of banter back and forth on the other ChevyII / Chevelle sites regarding the suppliers of these after-market panels and how good (or not) the quality is vs/the price.

I'm curious to see how this turns out. I was a bit wary, seeing as opinions run about 50/50 on the suppliers and the products for this sheetmetal - but I guess I'll report back after I receive my hood. I've read blogs where guys had no trouble at all with some of the after-market sheet metal, and others who said it was crap, and had to use a sledge-hammer to make it fit. Hmm...

Apparently this stuff is all made in Taiwan, and may come in a "Goodmark", "Golden Lion", or "Dynacorn" box depending on what middle-man it comes from. I wait on bated breath.

I put it off in hopes of finding a good used American replacement - alas, everything else I've found was JUST as rusty, or twice as expensive. Eckler's sent me a "10% off your next order" e-mail (finally) so i decided to buy the hood.

This will pretty much get me near to where the car will be ready for paint - and I cannot wait!

The hood was $269 on sale - and (yikes!) $150.00 to ship from God-knows-where. I'll report back on the condition, and the quality once I get it, and install it on the car.

FYI: the hood on my '63 was SO full of putty and rust after i'd stripped it to the bare metal (of which there wasn't much left - it was more bondo!) - i decided that it wasn't worth trying to fix and opted for a new one.

One more step ..
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    I'm wishing you some good luck on that hood! I've read the same thing's you wrote above, exactly the same....all of it.

    I bought a repro. SS hood for my Camaro and ended up not using it. It wasn't hateful,.....just not quite good enough considering I could get a used GM one for $300.
    I realize you don't have such an option.

    I've seen the difference in the Impala quarter-panels between a coupla parts vendors. It was noticeable.

    Whatever you get, it'll be better than a rusty GM one I hope!
    Posted 03-03-2010 at 07:23 PM by BA. BA. is offline
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