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Fixing up my 1966 Impala convertible

Posted 01-01-2009 at 02:12 PM by BA.
Updated 04-01-2009 at 12:08 AM by BA.

Trying this blog thing out per site owner and moderators. I'm new to blogs but figured I'd at least try it out.

9/2/2008 - I found my Impala on Ebay for $2300. It was pretty complete but needs a couple of quarter patches and lots of sanding and paint.

The motor is a 283, 2 barrel carb, with a 3 speed manual. (used to be on the column, someone moved it to the floor.)

9/8 - After the traditional oil change, plug change, new belts and re-coring the radiator and replacing the water pump, she actually runs VERY smoothly.
I should do a compression check and leakdown check on it.

The trunk had no key when I bought the car so I crawled in around the convertible top and unbolted the latch.
What a *treasure trove* of odd stuff in the trunk!!
I found 1983 phone books, 8-tracks, old cans of Quaker State oil, a womens red nighty, baby shoes, a copy of the gossip rag The Enquirer circa 1983, a 76 tune horn thing, body trim pieces, 2 full size spare tires, a PepBoys creeper, a plastic milk-crate, nuts, bolts, a knife, body working tools and supplies, heater hoses, dead mouse, and a bunch more stuff I can't remember now. I'll post pics.

9/14 - Cleaned out a ton of rat/mouse left-overs. That was fun. Bench seat still smells like pee though. It makes me think a Dog was there becuase it's nasty. Going to have to replace the foam too because there's plenty of rips in the seat.

9/18 - removed nasty carpet, threw it away. removed bench seat and rear seat/back. no suprises but uncovered two small holes in the floor to patch up.

9/23 - degreased engine and firewall area. looks much better now. still has stock exhaust manifolds and intake/carb.
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