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Underneath that quarterpanel bondo!

Posted 09-06-2009 at 11:16 PM by BA.

I had a couple of friends come over to help again today. Do they rock or what?!!?

It was not bad under that bondo at all!
Looks like the kid used multiple kinds of bondo here instead of better metal work. No problem, just glad to see that the rust was really pretty minimal.
I don't think I'll be buying a quarter-patch for the passenger side. It just needs a small piece on the rear area.
The Drivers side though,...is more dented, and may be easier to do the rear quarter patch than fixing multiple dents.

Oh, we bled the brakes today and replaced 2 rear cylinders and a brake line also.
I can FINALLY feel somewhat safe for a trip around the block!! I've had the car for 1 year now and it's the first time it's been out of the driveway!!
Open headers too, looks like my foot slipped off the clutch a little..........Oops!

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    A couple more pics!


    Posted 09-06-2009 at 11:19 PM by BA. BA. is offline
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    Lookin' good, I've stripped things down and not been near as lucky as far as what was under the paint / bondo. The '69 Chevelle SS that I had years ago actually had a piece of vinyl siding under a layer of filler on the 1/4 panel, HAHAHA! Hey, how is the "other" convert doing? Have you cleaned up the chrome yet?
    Posted 09-25-2009 at 09:09 AM by 1owner64 1owner64 is offline
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    Its looking good, keep up the ggod work!
    Posted 10-31-2009 at 02:56 PM by robklein13 robklein13 is offline
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    Thanks guys,
    Sorry for the late reply Darrin, I somehow had missed these comments.

    I DID end up cleaning up the gold car and it's chrome,......so that I could sell it and afford an LS7 motor for my 69 RS Camaro.
    I think it went to a good family home, and it will probably receive a little body work and fresh paint job from the new owner.
    Posted 11-06-2009 at 09:27 AM by BA. BA. is offline
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