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Another step: gaskets !

Posted 03-31-2010 at 09:31 AM by medisalle

Last night, my buddy Ralph and I stayed late at his shop, and he surprised me with a set of crankcase gaskets (for the side of the 6cyl motor) to replace the ones I had that were leaking like a seive. Apparently, the more I drive this thing, the crakier she's getting. I notice she'd been consuming a ton of oil - but my buddy showed me that it's been leaking out - not burning up as I'd originally thought.

Got a whole lot of new information and experience just trying to get the distributor out - which was a chore. I don't think it's ever been out before, in it's total of (now) 70,003 miles. But we got it out.

I was surprised that i had to take the distributor out to get the covers off, but at least now the darned thing is cleaned up and when I get the electronic ignition kit, I know I can get the distributor back out without a sledgehammer.

I did also notice: the carb is pretty sad looking.. i'm kinda shocked it still works enough to motivate the car.. I'm thinking a re-build is in order right quickly.

Cheers ~ Mitch.
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