Impala Tech - medisalle's Album: Madam Garrett ..
Madam Garrett ..
This is my daily-driver project that I rescued from oblivion, sitting in some alley. She's a strong-runner 70K original mile 6-banger that I am restoring while i drive her.
The 63
Door Hinge area completed.  I painted the hinge post the *new* color while I was in there (Azure Aqua) so I won't have a half-done job after the...
Door/Fender off.. I figured it's a good idea to clean and re-paint in here if it needs it, before hanging the new door I got from the donor '64. ...
63Chev door.. too crumpled to save. This was the worst of the damage to the car when I got her.
Interior is almost like-new! Lucky break, there. And (typical chevy) after 3 years, - we drained & refilled the fluids, added a battery and some new...
The once fine Palomar Red is severely damaged by the weather. (just as well.. i hate the color!)
This is the condition i found her in, Jan. 09.  Sitting in an alley...degrading.
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