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Conversation Between N.O.Bricks and ping2lo
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  1. ping2lo
    07-21-2012 10:22 AM - permalink
    sorry for the delay in my - i hardly ever get on this site unless i'm bored or looking for something.

    the product is lokar "eliminator" floor mounted gas pedal. i left the original tabs that were mounted on the floor that held the original gas pedal. installation was fairly easy, but the feel is soo much better. if you need better pictures or more info, give me a shout [email protected] (googles however - i don't check that email address very often, but probably more often than i log on to this site. good luck!
  2. N.O.Bricks
    04-15-2012 06:00 PM - permalink
    wassup man?,I was lookin at the pics you posted when you got your carpet done and i noticed you changed the gas pedal.What kind is it?Where from and was it easy to do?I have a 65 and hate the feel of the stock pedal and was going to change it.Any info would be a great help.Thanks
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