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Impala Ken 07-15-2019 12:02 PM

negative battery cable attachment point '63 Impala
Hey people, my '63 Impala SS with 283 has a bizarre spot where the black battery cable is grounded.... it's on a home-made alternator bracket attached to the first exhaust manifold bolt when the previous owner moved the alternator to the passenger side of the engine compartment (car has headers). It looks horrible and I want to remove the ugly bracket (I already moved the alternator to the driver's side myself) and put it in stock position. Where was that?

Big Dave 07-15-2019 12:38 PM

1963 was the first year for an alternator. It bolts to the cast iron exhaust manifolds that you don't have and to a top bracket that bolts to the water pump.,9133.htmlmp.

So you can have a stock exhaust or tubular headers with that bracket that you do not like: pick one. Other alternative is to switch to 1968 and up heads with front accessory bolt holes that requires a long water pump (and long water pump pulleys) and use the front of the head holes to bolt your alternator and power steering pump up to the head. There is no stock appearing mount solution with headers.

Big Dave

Impala Ken 07-17-2019 09:25 PM

Dave, maybe you misunderstood my question. I just need to know WHERE to attach the battery's ground cable now that I have moved the alternator to the driver side where it belongs. Guess I gave too much un-needed info!

Big Dave 07-17-2019 10:39 PM

Ground goes any where on the block that isn't painted. Can be the water pump which is where it was originally if memory serves. A bit longer cable and i can attach to an intake bolt on the intake. Big blocks liked to attach it to the alternator bracket on a short water pump and to the water pump on a long water pump.

Reminder no paint, as paint is plastic and plastic is an insulator. Second warning the motor uses the big 00 cables (on early sixties cars) and size 4 on newer cars but that just is make the starter motor work. You need a negative ground off the battery going to the passenger fender or radiator core and size ten or size 12 cable going from the positive to the back of the alternator (to charge the battery). Your car gets its power from the positive battery cable and goes to the voltage regulator or horn relay on the radiator support to power the car.

There are also Four bare braided copper wires connecting the motor to the Frame (that's One), the motor to the fire wall (that's two and three) one more from the back of the block to the coil mounting bolt. A fifth bare braided wire bolts to the inside of the fire wall where one of the motor cables passes through with a bolt to connect the other end to the instrument cluster/dash.

These are Chevy specific and include an illustration on where they go.

A cheaper generic kit can be had here:

These straps are often missing if the engine has been out of the car as most backyard mechanic have no idea why they are there in their way, so they leave them off.

Big Dave

Impala Ken 07-18-2019 12:16 PM

Thanks for the info.... it's what I was looking for! This is a GREAT site and I have been reading questions and answers even if it does not pertain to what I'm doing with my Impala. Best way to gain future knowledge.

dcairns 07-18-2019 03:51 PM

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While this sort of thing sometimes changes from year to year, on my 64, the negative cable connects to the A/C bracket, which in turn connects to the water pump. Not sure on a non-A/C car, I did find this pic from a 64 I saw at a car show. You can see the not so original zip ties holding the neg cable to the heater hoses before it disappears under one of the hoses and the terminal shows at the water pump. It is using a stud with two nuts to attach it there, which would make sense. You could remove the cable without disturbing the water pump 'bolt'. And Big Dave is right about the paint/powder coating on stuff. I had some wonky issues with my headlights as I assembled my car. Turned out to be all the powder coating on the radiator support giving a poor ground to the headlights. Easy fix, once you figure it out :laugh:

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