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jmiller1119 10-02-2019 07:57 PM

Driveline compatibilty
New here, got me a 66 impala,its a mongloid but it moves. Car was pieced together for the sole purpose of hillbilly burnouts, not by me im trying to put it back on the road. Built 350 paired to TH350(counsel shift). I have no clue what the rear end is from, its a 10 bolt cover, 5x5 lug pattern,mounts for upper stabilizers(not used). Crawled under and noticed drive shaft was cut and welded on the farm with a stick welder, its a mess. My question is what kind of rear axle should i look for in the junk yard that would possibly work without cutting/fabbing a whole lot?

Big Dave 10-02-2019 10:06 PM

What you are describing is a Corporate ten bolt rear out of a 1972 and up full size car though the 5 on 127mm bolt pattern tells me it is a 1985 or newer police car or a 1994-'96 Impala SS as the donor vehicle because the standard duty still used a 5-4" bolt pattern. Studs are also metric 14 by 1.5.

This is good because the standard rear had a 7.6" inch ring gear. The HD corporate rear was usually a posi (though not if it came out of a cop car) and had 30 spline axles. That makes it nearly as strong as a a 12 bolt. The Impala SS had disc brakes front and rear.

In inspection cover is there to allow you to look inside. That way you can see the size of ring and pinion and the condition of the parts. It will also reveal if it is a posi or not.

Big Dave

jmiller1119 10-03-2019 12:03 AM

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Thanks for the info! I was doing a lil research with some numbers i got off the brake drum itself, think it could possibly be a BOP from the 70's possibly? I can possibly look into the gears tomorrow or friday, attached is a pic i took earlier

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