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jmiller1119 02-03-2020 01:21 PM

Looking for the best combo with what i have
Hey guys, working on my motor again kind of stumped on a couple things. I have a 355 with rotating assembly(balanced crank, rods,1.560 flat top with vr's,stock deck height) have L31 vortec heads ls6 beehives, comp retainers and seal bosses machined, will be running a shim gasket( if i did the math right ill have 10.1:1 cr)have a dual plane vortec intake and a choice of a 600 edelbrock,650 holley or a 750 holley. Been looking at cams........and looking and looking. Contemplating comps x268h. What other brands are you guys running with good results? 66 Impala 2 dr(3600lbs)TH350, 3.31 geared 12 bolt with 27" tires(will not put stickies on at any time) need cam advice and torque converter recommendations. Will mostly be a weekend cruiser with speeds below 70mph. I dont want to change anything at this point unless absolutely necessary. Thanks guys!

jmiller1119 02-04-2020 07:20 PM


Big Dave 02-04-2020 07:58 PM

Why change anything?

Are you looking for a poorer idle with less bottom end power. Then add duration and narrow your lobe separation angle even more.

If you want to drive on the street stop looking at drag racing cams (they are only for drag racing which you can not do with a street driven car. Marine cams for a BBC, and my favorite short circle track cams are way better for the street with a SBC than any drag racing cam. You won't be able to race your dyno as it will be down a bit on peak horsepower, but you will raise and broaden your torque curve which you will feel in the seat of your pants.

I had been buying my cams from Lunati before I stopped building motors professionally. Had a run of bad parts from Comp which prompted me to change vendors.

Big Dave

BA. 02-06-2020 10:32 AM

I think the 268 cam would be a great cam for that setup. I probably wouldn't go much larger unless I was after that bigger 'cam lope' and not worried about losing a little actual power to under the curve. I would say a great torque converter for that would be 2400-2600, given the gears you are running and the RPM range of that cam in that engine.

If you drive it hard, you might also consider a trans-cooler. It's not a necessity, just nice insurance if you run hard against that converter on take-off a lot. (good times!)

jmiller1119 02-08-2020 01:09 AM

Big Dave, ive heard of good things AND bad things with Comp thats why i was looking at Lunati as well. I was leaning towards the voodoo 268/276.....or do you think the 262/268 would be better of the 2? I plan to get a stall either way. And yes a tranny cooler is in the works also, its a heavy car And i agree cheap insurance.

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