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Gabe 06-04-2012 09:14 PM

Transmission oil cooler lines leaking at radiator
Just replaced the radiator in my 67 Impala. It has a 327 V8 in it. The radiator is a ready rad. It did not come with any adapters for the transmission oil cooler lines. The lines fit at the radiator, but are leaking. I think it could be an 0-ring issue but read on another thread that it was an adapter issue. I'm trying to drive this thing 800 miles in a few days so fixing it ASAP is a must. Also, I had to replace one of the lines because it was old. When tightened all the way, the line still wiggles inside the connector, which makes me think it must be an adapter issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Big Dave 06-04-2012 10:54 PM

Old cars used English measurement fractional sized SAE compression flairs on tubing and lines. New cars use metric fasteners with O-rings to seal everything. You can by Weatherhead solid yellow brass adapters at NAPA to mate the two different styles together. It would be easier (to me anyway) to cut the tube add a compression nut and form a double inverted flare if that is what you need. If the radiator need an O-ring to seal the fitting will have metric threads and any attempt to put them together will cross thread it (creating a perpetual leak) as the radiator has a softer metal than the nut on the tube.

Big Dave

dadstoy 06-12-2012 08:47 PM

67 Impala's didn't use O rings. Its 5/16 steel line available at your local auto parts store in different lengths. It will have the proper fittings and flairs already. Just bend it to the design of the old lines and install.
If you need a adapter to hook up the 5/16 lines I would contact the radiator builder or seller.

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