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86 Corvette Blue
Bought for 225.00 from a snowbank on a service station lot. Ordered new hood, fenders, inner fender wells and sent the car off to the body shop. Reinforced both sides of the frame with 3 inch channel iron Put bumper hitch on and went on our Honeymoon.

A mechanic who had worked for me called me one day and said get over to Ajax...there is a 68 Chev station wagon going to the wreckers today. I bought the 68 for 35.00 scrap value and the owner towed it to my shop.
My dad came down on the weekend and we pulled the body off of the 68. The bare frame went to the metal laundry and then painted with black epoxy paint.
The 68 had Disc brakes, married the frame to the 67 and continued on cruising. The 283 was getting tired so a friend was doing demolition derbys and always had extra engines so we swapped one into the Impala while the 283 was being rebuilt.
The paint was fading and I sent the car for a restoration which took 2 years. I knew the body shops reputation and was content to wait.
Years later got stuck in 100 degree traffic that was not moving and cooked the 283.
Found a shop that only worked on |Classics and after a couple of hours of bench racing decided on a 350 crate engine. Later added Classic Air and a large aluminum rad.
Just recently added FiFuel tech fuel injection.
That is just a capsule of 40 years of ownership
1967 Chevrolet Impala (86 Corvette Blue)



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