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General Information

Picked up for an guy wanted to build on it but found out it was too much work for him and father.
Gave him an good deal and few hrs later sent to my house.
The car is in rough shape no engine tranny and no interior
missing few parts and had an accident on the right side qtr panel tail end
frame needs some work done but not rotted out.
Had no title but there was records still in system so didn't cost me much
but I need to put the car back together to finish the process on the title changing
1965 Chevrolet Impala (multi)


In the hood will be an LS motor with 4l60e or 4l80e Not sure on motor type not looking for high hp just to cruise to streets and highways
more will come soon though out the build
Gonna be more of an modern stock look new gauges newer A/C unit staying bench seats. Order new
floor pans,trunk panel,rear wheel wells,cowl panel to make back solid again
Body gonna be mainly stock. Got an front clip some chrome parts too that was missing.
Order new quarter panels and rear panel between the rear window and trunk lid. Frame gonna be sand blasted and powder coated same as under the body of car will have coat lining
Tail lights will be LEDs head lights will have HIDs lights more will come soon though out the build
Adding newer speakers 10 total 4 tweeters 4 mids 2 subs stock new radio but will have todays features
Bluetooth MP3 and others features as well.
Few neon lights for shows and cruise control for highway driving
more will come soon though out the build
Will be all change out tubular arms updated coilovers all around more beefy frame braces to handle the LS and transmission better trailer arms and pandard bar with better 9inch axle
more will come soon though out the build
Wheel and Tire
Gonna lay on 20s all around 20x10 rears 20x8 fronts rims will be chosen later in build after I get the measurements on clearance of tires to body and frame worked out
more will come soon though out the build



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