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Malibu landau
I want to share my story for the first time.
ZAZU has a long story with us, my grandfather was the second owner back in 1977 he put A LOT of miles in it and my youngest uncle back in early 80's abused it :) he had it in wreck then they brought it back to life, my grandfather used to drive it from Monterrey Mexico to Dallas, Tx every year so we don’t even talk about the mileage in this car... back in early 2000 my grandfather heritage this car to my brother, we were students so our budget was short... we were trying to make it strong enough to take it to the 1/4mile.
When we started the process the first thing we bought was a donor car for the hole front end, then we sent it to paint, suspension and some minor details to be drivable again. Unfortunately my brother pass in accident back in January 2003 and I was devastated and heartbroken that every time I wanted to work with the car I couldn’t...
Years pass by and in 2007 my father and I decided that ZAZU will be back to life and he'll make it to the track as my brother wished.
I sold my personal car to afford the restoration process first thing we got the engine SB350 stroked to 383, transmission TH350 rebuild with shift kit, new suspension, gas tank , brake lines, wire harness and of course a new paint job...
To be honest it took us a couple of years to get there, when we sent the car to be painted we hated the job they did so we ask them (pay) to do it again then it came back wrong again! so for the third time I decided that I was gonna learn how to do it myself and I started to learn the hole restoration of the car took us 10 years, after taking this car to the 1/4 mile it made 12.8 sec we did it we accomplished our brothers dream which was turned in our dream!!!.

Then on 2014 when I was gonna get married my now wife asked me to use my late brother and grandfather car as the bride and groom's car with the sign of JUST MARRIED, I was excited and I agreed but…. wait a minute, it doesnt have an interior done just a couple of thorn and dirty seats.... and the transmission stall and engine doesn’t handle very well on the street... so now we had one month to finish the upholstery and the engine/transmission downgrade, we made it just on time the night previous to our wedding we finished the car and during our wedding day we enjoyed so much!!!

As you can read ZAZU is part of the family and will be there until the day I die, all these year that we spend working with him we heated, we loved it but most important it brought us together, my father my cousins and friends
Ho boy I enjoyed every single weekend working with my dad and every single visitor that we had.

My dad still with me and I hope he’ll be there for many more years.
1975 Chevrolet Malibu landau (Gray/silver)


SBC 383
Bucket seaths
Two tone color
LOUD exhaust!
Wheel and Tire
Front 275/40/R18
rear 295/45/R18



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