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  1. Welcome Forum
    Hey guys! In the middle of fixing up a 64 as a daily driver. Hoping to have it roadworthy by fall of 2017. This is my 4th 1964 Chevy. First was a 4-door sedan, second a 4-door hardtop. Third was an SS 4-speed (the one that got away). Twenty years later, doing a 4-door sedan again, as...
  2. Electrical & Wiring
    Ok, you guys are always so helpful on here! I have run into yet another problem, lol... go figure. My GEN light is staying on even when the car is OFF and key is in OFF position. It is causing my battery to die and i am having to charge it when i want to drive the car. I have looked all over...
  3. Transmission & Driveline
    how much does it cost on average for a th350 trans rebuild on the bench, becuase im getting qouted for just a basic rebuild and 1000+ for a full rebuild small shift kit and a coverter, wha have you guys had them rebuilt for or whats average? thanks
  4. Transmission & Driveline
    has anyone started to make a beefed up axles for the origanal rear for a 1964 impala. axles that if you apply some power the splines wont rip apart. thanks
  5. General Tech
    did gm ever make a 15in steelie rim, that is not a truck rim, and would fit a 1964 impala? if so what year and on what car? thanks
  6. Welcome Forum
    hi, im new here, im 16 and just bought my second 1964 impala ss. the first one was pretty rough, needed floors, trunk floors, both quarter panels, hood, trunk lid and some other misc parts, so i bought another that was alot nicer, the new one is a 409 4 speed car, no motor or trans, im going to...
  7. Interiors
    im restoring a 1964 impala ss that has red and white interior, white seats and the rest is red including the console, i am redoing the console that has worn marks in it, does anyone know the exact color red they used for it? thanks.
  8. Electrical & Wiring
    i am not getting any fire at the coil the coil is new the the condensor is new there is power at both sides of the coil with the keys on the the points are arcing but i get no fire from the coil i have no idea where to check next can someone help
1-8 of 9 Results