1. 1965 Impala Lower Cowl & Inner Wheel Houses

    Body Shop
    Brand new to the forum and I am looking for some help getting my hands on a couple parts I can't seem to find through normal means. The trunk floor has been completely removed and I have all the replacement panels from Classic Industries, but the lower sections of the inner wheel houses are...
  2. Just joined from Arkansas

    Welcome Forum
    Just picked up this '65 Belair wagon from a dealer in Iowa (Klemme Klassic Kars). I will be leaning on you guys for info and hopefully can provide some back as well. Plans are to make it a reliable daily driver, update the brakes and put the interior back to stock. It currently has a...
  3. 65 Impala SS same ole electrical problem but

    Electrical & Wiring
    I just have one question, for now, is there suppose to be constant power 12.3v to the right side of the "tail lps" fuse connector, when there is no fuse in place with the key off? I even disconnected the brake switch and still have power there, so before I dig more that way I need to know if it...
  4. 65 Biscayne suspension in a 68 Impala?

    Brakes & Suspension
    Hi all. This is my first post to these forums, excited to be here. I have a 68 Impala 4 door hardtop that needs all new suspension (50 year old wear). I found a guy with a 65 Biscayne 4 door hardtop that has all new poly suspension throughout. He found out it has a bent frame and wants to...
  5. 65 with CPP Big Brake Kit Need BackSpace

    Wheels & Tires
    Hey Guys new here, I have used this site for a lot of information, thank you. So I have a 65 SS 396 with the CPP Big Brake System (not installed yet, sitting in my garage), I did check with them all they could tell me is the Brakes push the front out 5/8 and the back out 1/8. So I am putting...
  6. 1965 Impala tall person challenge

    Hi All, I am keen on purchasing a 1965 impala coupe but have run into somewhat of a challenge.... I am 6'6" and after sitting in one (and a 1960 coupe as well) I have discovered these cars were not built for the likes of me...Ideally I need about two inches more of headroom and 2 of legroom...
  7. Newbie with 65 Sedan with speaker question.

    Welcome Forum
    Hello ya'll. I've recently purchased my 65' and currently doing some replacing and such. My car was all original with 44k miles when I bought it. The car came with an AM radio, which means only 1 speaker in the dash. My dilemma is this. I want to put a new radio in the car, but leave the AM in...
  8. servicing a 1965 Powerglide transmission, HELP!

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hi Everyone. i promise i will go and introduce myself in the proper forum once ive gotten over my immediate concern for my transmission :) My name is Yvonne, im restoring a 1965 Impala sedan and enjoying the project trying to do as much as i can myself at home... i have a hoist under the...
  9. 1965 impala ss neutral safety switch?

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hello everybody, I recently bought a 1965 ss impala with the original 283 and Powerglide trans. I finally made the car start and got the engine to stay on, but when I put it in drive the car did not move. I put it in all the gears and the car would not move. I checked the transmission oil and it...
  10. Swap SS Emblem for Gauge?

    Has anyone else looked at the SS emblem on their 1965 center console and thought, 'why isn't there a gauge there?' Wondering if that was the original intent as an upgrade option from the factory. Has anyone ever seen one there, whether factory or not? I'm thinking I'd like to put my temp...
  11. 65 exhaust help

    General Tech
    going this weekend to hopefully buy a '65, 2 door w/ 327. 1st thing out of the blocks, this car needs is exhaust! I need some suggestions.... Presently, it has dual cherry bombs on it and they are in bad shape, + the tail pipes are gone - literally. They were cut off a couple of years back...
  12. Newbie looking at 65 SS 396

    Welcome Forum
    Hello everyone, I'm am currently deployed to Iraq and have been trying to find a classic car to restore. I found a 65 impala SS 396 "numbers matching" for $8500 and just going off the pics it looks like a great project! I am very new to car restoration, and would like some helpful hints as what...
  13. Howdy- 65 Impala SS- So. Cal.

    Welcome Forum
    Hello all, I have had this '65 since 1982. Built in May in Van Nuys. She's been ignored for awhile and it's time to get at it.. My goal is to rebuild her stem to stern and improve upon all of her original attributes. A few years back, (late 90's?) Car Craft magazine tricked out a '65 Impala SS...
  14. Coming Soon - 64-67 GTO kit and Intelligent Fuses!

    American Auto Wire
    Coming Monday, 12/20 from American Autowire: 1964-1967 Pontiac GTO Classic Update Series wiring kit Intelligent Fuses - sold separately and as bundles for our Highway, Power Plus, Builder, and Classic Update Series kits Visit our coming soon page for all the details.
  15. 65 Dash restoration

    I've pulled the dash from my 1965 Impala for refurbishing and repainting. I'm not sure I removed it using the best approach, since I scratched the aluminum trim a bit. It was also not much fun. I first removed the plastic dash insert with the gauges still attached, then removed the metal dash...
  16. New 1962-1967 Nova Classic Update Kit!

    American Auto Wire
    The 1962-67 Chevy Nova kit (part# 510140) retails for $569 and is the most complete system of it’s type in the industry boasting 14 features including: new fully closed ATO fusebox, compatible with most aftermarket accessories, cluster harness disconnect system, dimmer, headlight and ignition...