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  1. Parts for sale
    Up for sale is a set of interior rear window garnish trim for a '65 - '66 four door hardtop (note: this will NOT fit a four door sedan). There's some pitting and scratches in the trim, but another round of polishing should make it more presentable. Each piece is missing a single plastic clip...
    $50 USD
  2. Parts for sale
    Up for sale is a climate control box for '65 - '66 cars equipped with factory AC. This is being offered as parts or a rebuildable core. The top lever is broken and the blower switch is missing. Classic industries sells both these parts, so this one could be rebuilt. Very little pitting on...
    $35 USD
  3. Parts for sale
    Up for sale is a speaker mounting bracket for a '65 - '66 full-sized Chevrolet. It is in good cosmetic condition with no rust and very little pitting. Comes with the mounting bolt. I'm asking $15 OBO plus shipping from 02911.
    $15 USD
  4. Body Shop
    Looking for a 66 impala dash bezel with radio panel. Thanks
  5. Brakes & Suspension
    I ordered a new POL 1-1/8" front sway bar for my 1966 Impala Convertible. I'm struggling to feed the sway bar through the holes in the frame. I removed the front tires, and had the most luck fishing the bar through the frame when coming from the passenger side. I removed the brake caliper and...
  6. Welcome Forum
    Hello all, I am the proud owner of a 66 Impala Super Sport Convertible. I found this site in a search for like minded and like pressed to work with others to both solve problems and learn about Impalas.
  7. General Tech
    Hi there I came across a guy parting out his 66 396 A/C Caprice in town and he has the motor already sold :clonk: but he is selling the 12 bolt non posi rear end for $150 and the entire A/C system for $250. I have a 1967 Impala 4D factory A/C but gutted no compressor no lines and the condenser...
  8. Restoration Corner
    Ok here goes. I bought a 66 convert for a whopping $100.00. Needs quarters trunk floor and drop offs plus inner fenders all around. Priced out full quarters trunk floor body mount kit and all 4 inner fenders and it's 2500 and change plus 400 for shipping. Problem is I can get a Arizona hard...
  9. General Tech
    Hey guys, my name is Finn and I just picked up a 1966 Impala convertible, 283 with a powerglide. It has 54,000 original miles but has work to be done. I've worked on vehicles for years, but mainly Imports and motorcycles. I have a few basic questions that might seam dumb, but I'm new to the...
  10. Transmission & Driveline
    Hey new to the site, first post. I've looked over the site for a couple of days and found some good info but now looking for some specifics about my project. I'm working on following items (327, 700r4)and I plan to install them in the next couple of weekends. I'm now looking for upgrading my...
  11. General Tech
    Should the Cowl Tag show a code for a 396? The Vin says it's a V8 SS, the Cowl Tag lists a Muncie 4, Seatbelts, and a Tinted Windshield, but nothing is listed as group 3 or 4. I haven't picked it up yet, is there anything that I should look for in a '66 Convertible? It has a 396 bored to a...
  12. Tag Team
    Hello, My new Impalas Body Tag (Drivers Side Firewall) is as Follows... 11C ST 66-16837 LOS 3496 BODY TR 869-B T-T PAINT W 2KMS I get that 66 is year but all i can find is 16837 means ss 2dr. V8, and 869 is Fawn Trim. Other #'s such as 11C, and W 2KMS are a little more difficult...
  13. Welcome Forum
    Yep, new car, new forum. :beers: I just got a 66 Impala and it does not have a driveshaft. I have looked all over the internet for one, and with no luck. I can't believe a 65-70 full size chevy driveshaft would be this hard to find. Please help :confused:
  14. American Auto Wire
    Coming Monday, 12/20 from American Autowire: 1964-1967 Pontiac GTO Classic Update Series wiring kit Intelligent Fuses - sold separately and as bundles for our Highway, Power Plus, Builder, and Classic Update Series kits Visit our coming soon page for all the details.
  15. American Auto Wire
    The 1962-67 Chevy Nova kit (part# 510140) retails for $569 and is the most complete system of it’s type in the industry boasting 14 features including: new fully closed ATO fusebox, compatible with most aftermarket accessories, cluster harness disconnect system, dimmer, headlight and ignition...
1-15 of 15 Results