1. 1966 Front Sway Bar Install Issues

    Brakes & Suspension
    I ordered a new POL 1-1/8" front sway bar for my 1966 Impala Convertible. I'm struggling to feed the sway bar through the holes in the frame. I removed the front tires, and had the most luck fishing the bar through the frame when coming from the passenger side. I removed the brake caliper and...
  2. New to Impalas

    Welcome Forum
    Hello all, I am the proud owner of a 66 Impala Super Sport Convertible. I found this site in a search for like minded and like pressed to work with others to both solve problems and learn about Impalas.
  3. 1967-66 interchangeability

    General Tech
    Hi there I came across a guy parting out his 66 396 A/C Caprice in town and he has the motor already sold :clonk: but he is selling the 12 bolt non posi rear end for $150 and the entire A/C system for $250. I have a 1967 Impala 4D factory A/C but gutted no compressor no lines and the condenser...
  4. 1966 convertible doors swap

    Restoration Corner
    Ok here goes. I bought a 66 convert for a whopping $100.00. Needs quarters trunk floor and drop offs plus inner fenders all around. Priced out full quarters trunk floor body mount kit and all 4 inner fenders and it's 2500 and change plus 400 for shipping. Problem is I can get a Arizona hard...
  5. New to this side

    General Tech
    Hey guys, my name is Finn and I just picked up a 1966 Impala convertible, 283 with a powerglide. It has 54,000 original miles but has work to be done. I've worked on vehicles for years, but mainly Imports and motorcycles. I have a few basic questions that might seam dumb, but I'm new to the...
  6. 66 Impala Differential Swap

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hey new to the site, first post. I've looked over the site for a couple of days and found some good info but now looking for some specifics about my project. I'm working on following items (327, 700r4)and I plan to install them in the next couple of weekends. I'm now looking for upgrading my...
  7. '66 SS Cowl Tag Question

    General Tech
    Should the Cowl Tag show a code for a 396? The Vin says it's a V8 SS, the Cowl Tag lists a Muncie 4, Seatbelts, and a Tinted Windshield, but nothing is listed as group 3 or 4. I haven't picked it up yet, is there anything that I should look for in a '66 Convertible? It has a 396 bored to a...
  8. Help with 66 SS Body Tag

    Tag Team
    Hello, My new Impalas Body Tag (Drivers Side Firewall) is as Follows... 11C ST 66-16837 LOS 3496 BODY TR 869-B T-T PAINT W 2KMS I get that 66 is year but all i can find is 16837 means ss 2dr. V8, and 869 is Fawn Trim. Other #'s such as 11C, and W 2KMS are a little more difficult...
  9. Hello from SC!! I need a drive shaft 65-70!!

    Welcome Forum
    Yep, new car, new forum. :beers: I just got a 66 Impala and it does not have a driveshaft. I have looked all over the internet for one, and with no luck. I can't believe a 65-70 full size chevy driveshaft would be this hard to find. Please help :confused:
  10. Coming Soon - 64-67 GTO kit and Intelligent Fuses!

    American Auto Wire
    Coming Monday, 12/20 from American Autowire: 1964-1967 Pontiac GTO Classic Update Series wiring kit Intelligent Fuses - sold separately and as bundles for our Highway, Power Plus, Builder, and Classic Update Series kits Visit our coming soon page for all the details.
  11. New 1962-1967 Nova Classic Update Kit!

    American Auto Wire
    The 1962-67 Chevy Nova kit (part# 510140) retails for $569 and is the most complete system of it’s type in the industry boasting 14 features including: new fully closed ATO fusebox, compatible with most aftermarket accessories, cluster harness disconnect system, dimmer, headlight and ignition...