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  1. Restoration Corner
    I posted about this in another Impala forum (thank y’all who replied!) and was directed to try to get some traction here. I just wanted to know if I was way in over my head. I won a ‘67 Impala four door sedan (lucky, but wasn’t lucky enough to find a SS) at an auction and although I am still...
  2. Steering
    Hello all, I have a 1967 impala convertible with tubular front global west uppers and lowers. Installed a Hellwig sway bar #5713 - 1 1/8 thick. I was able to run the sway bar thru the frame and connected the end links with no problems. However, the U shape frame brackets do not line up when...
  3. Electrical & Wiring
    Hey guys, my 67 4dr hardtop finally got delivered yesterday and have a few repairs. The first is related to the headlight switch, which for some reason starts pouring out smoke when pulled out to the 2nd position for headlights. It works, but i need to take it apart and check for any frayed...
  4. Welcome Forum
    After weeks of waiting for the transport company to find a driver, my 1967 impala 4dr hardtop is finally being picked up tomorrow and expected to be delivered by Wednesday. So, in the meantime, I figured I'd post a couple pictures.
  5. Restoration Corner
    Hey, Gang! Quickly... I own two 1967 Impala. Both are four-door hardtops... One is an air conditioning car, the other is not. The vehicle that is not an air conditioning car is running, driving, functioning in full. The AC car is not. My question that I would like some thoughts on: I fully...
  6. General Tech
    Hi... I have a 1967 Impala. I put in a new fuel sending unit when I restored the car a few years back and have had the following issue ever since. What happens is, after I fill up the tank the gas gauge reads full - however once I use up some gas (usually after about a 100 miles) the gas gauge...
  7. Heating & Cooling
    Hello... I have a 67 Impala, 4 door, hardtop, 350 small block engine. Can someone please tell me how to enable the heater? I already have a hose connected to the heater core in the corner passenger side of the engine bay. The other end of the cable doesn't go into anything yet; can someone...
  8. General Tech
    Hello... I have a 67 Impala, 4 door, hardtop. I had someone roll up my rear passenger side window too hard and break the piece that stops the back part of the window from rolling up too high. Sorry I don't have a picture; if anyone knows where I can get that piece (or even what it's called) I'd...
  9. Restoration Corner
    Hey guys, so just thought I'd share with you the newest addition to the family, my '67 Impala SS 427. (My dream car!) Unrestored, original engine AND a true 4 speed! :D The original color was emerald turquoise but this is a nice blue, we drove 1600 miles to Califorina and 1600 miles back...
  10. Heating & Cooling
    Does anyone have a photo of a complete heating unit from the engine compartment of the 1967 Impala sedan? I dont believe mine is complete and want to compare IF anyone is able to provide. Much appreciated. -R
  11. Welcome Forum
    My name is Daniel, and I have an inherited 1967 impala 4-door hardtop. It's in relatively decent shape, considering the fact that it has sat in a garage since 1995. I'm looking to do a semi-classic resto on it but my pockets arent as deep as they need to be.
  12. Welcome Forum
    Hey guys I'm new here, and I'm looking for a 4-door postless 1967 impala, preferably in black haha.
  13. General Tech
    Hi... Does anyone have any instructions (a link or self-typed is fine) on how to replace the stock radio on my 67 Impala, 4 dr, hardtop? What would be the easiest way? I'm not sure whether I need to remove the dash (if so, how??) or if I can simply go from underneath and do it that way. Any...
1-13 of 13 Results