1968 impala

  1. BB Headers

    General Tech
    Hi, I pulled out my sb and dropped in my 396 and I'm having trouble getting the drivers side header in, hard to clear the steering box. I tried a 2" and a 1.75" O.D header. the 1.75" headers are really close, if I raise the engine it may work? The engine sits a slightly lower at the rear, could...
  2. Gas Gauge & Cigarette lighter problems

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I posted something, had to create a new account. I was hoping I can get some answers. I have a 1968 Impala. My first problem is that the fuel gauge is not reading fuel levels. I have read some of the forums here and it was mentioned that a ground wire...
  3. Need help removing 1968 impala radio!

    I`ve tried removing the radio all afternoon and can`t even get it out! Please help me if you know how or where to find out?
  4. 68 impala frame off restoration

    Welcome Forum
    I sold my 64 a wile back and i bought a 68 convertible that i plan on doing a full restoration started by striping the car off. Than finally today i got the body off the frame. So im ready to start. Any ideas on where or what should i start with?
  5. Good Repro Heater Core for '68?

    Heating & Cooling
    I am looking for a NOS heater core for my '68 Impala and not having much success. (Car does NOT have AC.) Does anyone know of a good quality reproduction replacement? I see many available online, but I am told they are not that good quality and don't last too long. If someone has had good luck...
  6. New user - 68 4 door ORIG 327 Trans Help Dallas?

    Welcome Forum
    Hey there, I'm a new member to this forum. I've had my 1968 4 door hardtop Impala for about 15 years now. My dad bought it from the original owner and was trying to sell it. I convinced him to let me have it and I'd take over the restoration. Thanks dad! Had the interior redone, vinyl top...