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  1. Restoration Corner
    I'm digging into my '69 project car and found a leak in the steel fuel line that runs from the pump to my Quadrajet. I got the line out and am now trying to figure out how I get a replacement in. The original line was somehow snaked up behind the alternator and came out near the top radiator...
  2. Welcome Forum
    What's up everybody. Just joined the forum anticipating that I'm going to have 10000000 questions as I dig into this restoration. Been working on smaller engines and mowers/tractors for years, so figured the next gradual step in this would be restoring a car 🥴 Found my project in a garage in...
  3. Engine
    I am rather new when it comes to restoring classic cars but, I am buying a 1969 Impala with a 400 small block. And in order not to guzzle down my gas money I had the thought of taking out the original engine and replacing it with a more modern engine, say from the 2000's up. How practical would...
1-3 of 3 Results