1. looking for 1970 a/c parts and equipment

    Heating & Cooling
    so I have grown tired of not having a/c in m 1970 impala. living in Texas, makes it near impossible to drive for over half the year without a/c especially with vinyl seats. I'm having problems finding the exact equipment I need, I have looked to find a kit maybe with all the parts I need. Also...
  2. Here to find a home for my Grandmothers Impala

    Welcome Forum
    I joined this forum to find someone who wants to buy my late Grandmothers Impala. She inherited the car to me because I was the only one in the family that loved the car, waxed her every time I visited, and loved to cruise around windows down. Unfortunately I do not have the space nor the money...
  3. Missing B pillar covers in 1969 Caprice 4 door HT

    Howdy all, I have been searching high and low for 1969 or 1970 Caprice or Impala 4 door hardtop "B" pillar covers/panels for my 1969 Caprice 4 door HT. Mine are missing. GM part numbers: 8740860-879 (1969) or 8807656-673 (1970) The locations of the panels/covers are indicated in the photo...
  4. 1959-1960 Impala kit video series and other news

    American Auto Wire
    In this video series that coincided with the release of our 1959-1960 Impala Classic Update kit, Don Bock chronicles the installation of the kit in a 1960 Bel Air. The fifth episode premiered Monday, check them all out! In other news, American Autowire recently released our new 1970 Mustang...
  5. 1970 Impala heater box

    Heating & Cooling
    I need to replace the heater box on a 1970 Impala Custom Coupe (350 with A/C) because of rust damage - can I salvage a compatible replacement from any other year, or does it need to be from a 1970? It seems like the heater box for a non-A/C car is common across 1969-71, but several people have...