1. Max bore of a 402

    i was wondering how much i can bore out my 402 took the heads off today and the one cylinder had tons of water and was rusted pretty bad... so im wondering if i can do another .30 over? and do they make pistons that will fit once its bored out this much more? anything else ill need to replace?
  2. Headers for 69 bbc impala

    hey does anyone know which headers fit in the 69 impala? i have a 402 that im dropping in and ive been reading most wont fit in properly with the other components i would like a nice pair of hookers
  3. Newbie looking at 65 SS 396

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    Hello everyone, I'm am currently deployed to Iraq and have been trying to find a classic car to restore. I found a 65 impala SS 396 "numbers matching" for $8500 and just going off the pics it looks like a great project! I am very new to car restoration, and would like some helpful hints as what...
  4. Sm to BB Trans x-member

    Restoration Corner
    Anyone know the distance to move the trans x-member perches back? It seems to be a couple of inches but don't want to guess. 66 Impala SS 327/glide to bb T400 Thanks,
  5. 68 396 block id

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    I have a #440 casting 396 block. The stamp pad reads: 18S241707 T0513IV I know "0513IV" indicates May 13th assembly and 325hp/396cid automatic tranny. Using the partial vin can anyone help identify the car model this block was originally in? Could it have been an Impala? Thanks
  6. '68 396

    So i was doing some thinking and thought about this combo. Can anyone tell me if this combo sounds good or would i potentially run into probs. A little facts. . The heads are '215 and are rebuilt. Three angle valve jobs, stocks size valves with unleaded seats, and mild port work to chambers...