big block

  1. 454 oil pan gasket

    hello all, i have a 67 impala with a 454 engine. casting 399289 2bolt. im having trouble with the one piece felpro os 30061-t oil pan gasket. one side does not sit flush. i haven't torqued it down,im afraid to warp my new oil pan. what do you guys think? also-what is the purpose of the...
  2. big block frame reinforcement?

    Hello All, This topic will be directed towards big block 65-70 impala guys. I have a 67 impala convertible with a 454 w/ cast heads, not a performance motor. Do you guys think its recommended to reinforce a stock frame,at least the front? has anyone ran in to issues with the frame twisting or...
  3. Big Block Decode

    I bought this engine and I started decoding it but I figure that it'd be smarter to see if anyone can help me, I attached a picture, any info?
  4. Need Help with Hood Clearance with 454

    Does anyone have any thoughts what big block oval port dual plane intake would work best to provide enough hood clearance in a 64 with a 454? Currently, I installed an Edelbrock air gap with a Holley 750 - 4160 and the hood meets the carb. Any help is greatly appreciated! Rob