body bushings

  1. 66 Body Mount Bushings don't fit

    Body Shop
    I have a '66 Impala SS Convertible that I'm finally ready to put the body back on the frame. I originally bought a set of OER rubber bushings, then I bought some Poly bushings later after reading about the pros and cons. Anyway, both sets don't fit right. The Poly set (Prothane 7149) comes...
  2. frame body mount repair?

    Body Shop
    I have a 67 impala frame with a rusted mount hole towards the front. i believe the hole should be 1 3/8 and its now 1 5/8 i bought a repair kit, basically some heavy duty washers with the correct hole size. iv'e seen people just welding them on top. I don't have welding skills to weld them in...