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  1. Welcome Forum
    hi my name is Zack, im 21 and have recently bought a 67 b body chevy, its not a impala but a bel air. This is my first forum and I have a few questions id love some feed back on. I always loved old cars but do not have much experience with them so all the feedback helps. It has a 350 motor and...
  2. Welcome Forum
    Good Evening Team, C.j here out of ATLANTA. I am here with my 69 Impala out of Texas. A project for my son and I and an opportunity to create a family heirloom to pass down through the years. I have begun to tear apart the car, will keep you all posted and I also will lean on you guys for...
  3. Body Shop
    hello... i have a 67 impala, 4 door, hardtop and had a question about the body. when i open the front passenger's side door there's a hole on the body near hinge that connects the door to the body. the hole has a little rust around it and i'll be getting it fixed, however before i do anything...
1-3 of 3 Results