1. 2GV 1967, Bowl # 7037110

    Been looking cross the interwebs and cant find ANYTHING stating i need a check ball on the underside of my accel pump. There ARE threads, posts, blah blah...however, its hard to find anything related to the 2gv. I think the only difference is the choke system. But i cant be sure. Mikes...
  2. Air Cleaner base adapter

    I have a 64 impala SS with a 250 HP 327. It is completely stock. I'm considering replacing the stock quadrajet with a higher performance Holley carburetor. I want to keep the stock air cleaner but the lower opening where it attaches to the carburetor is an inch larger in diameter. I'm...
  3. Cold Start - 350 small block - edelbrock 1406 carb

    General Tech
    Hello... I have a 350 small block Chevy engine with a Edelbrock 1406 carburetor with an electric choke. Since I installed the carb about 3 years ago I've been cold starting my car (first start in the morning after it sits all night) using the following procedure: 1. press the gas pedal twice...
  4. First guess would be fuel filter.

    The other day I decided to take the 72 for a spin. Went a couple of miles and heading back home it starts cutting out and dying. Then it just wouldn't start. Figured I was out of gas and put a few gallons in. I've had a non-working gas gauge and so that's why I figured I was out of gas. It...
  5. Idle stop Solenoid ( Car won't start )

    My father n Law came over last Friday and I mentioned that the car was idling high. He made some adjustments to a couple of things. One I've since learned was the Idle stop solenoid. The other is I think the idle speed adjustment screw. It idled lower after the adjustments and shut the car off...