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  1. Interiors
    Hello , I plan on refreshing my SS interior, and appreciate your input guys. The Interior color code is ( 844-B ) which is bright blue, and I am going for the OER interior paint. I am confused since they have like several shades in blue, should I go for light or bright blue ? If used, will...
  2. Interiors
    im restoring a 1964 impala ss that has red and white interior, white seats and the rest is red including the console, i am redoing the console that has worn marks in it, does anyone know the exact color red they used for it? thanks.
  3. Restoration Corner
    Does anyone know where I can go to find out the original colors of specific parts, i.e. inner fender wells, fan shroud, radiator support. I've seen both gloss black and black satin. Any input is welcome.
1-3 of 3 Results