1. New to Impalas

    Welcome Forum
    Hello all, I am the proud owner of a 66 Impala Super Sport Convertible. I found this site in a search for like minded and like pressed to work with others to both solve problems and learn about Impalas.
  2. 1968 Impala Convertible Top Replacement

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to replace the top on my Impala as it is worn out and damaged. My back window is vinyl and it is completely caked up and has zero visibility. I would like to replace one with a glass window to prevent this from happening again over the years. I found this one on...
  3. New to this side

    General Tech
    Hey guys, my name is Finn and I just picked up a 1966 Impala convertible, 283 with a powerglide. It has 54,000 original miles but has work to be done. I've worked on vehicles for years, but mainly Imports and motorcycles. I have a few basic questions that might seam dumb, but I'm new to the...
  4. 68 impala frame off restoration

    Welcome Forum
    I sold my 64 a wile back and i bought a 68 convertible that i plan on doing a full restoration started by striping the car off. Than finally today i got the body off the frame. So im ready to start. Any ideas on where or what should i start with?
  5. 67 Impala SS convertible questions.

    1. Can someone out there take a picture of their 67 convertible internal mirror bracket and send it to me? The 'correct' one I ordered doesn't seem to fit and I'm wondering if it's the part or something the previous owner did to my car. 2. Does anyone know the correct spacing and offset I...
  6. 67 SS Convertible, Many questions

    General Tech
    Alright so I got a '67 SS 327 Convertible, no records but it's rust free and runs great. So far I've updated the suspension, replaced the alternator, radiator, and done some basic stuff like distributor cap, spark plug wires, etc. The engine is slowly burning oil, about a quart every 3 months...
  7. newbie cjophoto

    Welcome Forum
    Hey all, New to the site and looking forward to checking it out. I have a 65 impala conv. 327 4speed hurst and I really want to make the ride better. What's the best way to tighten up the ride, new shocks and struts, the ones on the car are about 10-12 years old. Besides the squeaks this is...
  8. 1963 Convertible Engine Code Decipher

    Tag Team
    Hello Everyone! I've just inherited the family's 1963 Convertible. I've loved this car my whole life, i just wish that it was given to me under better circumstances. Since it was given to me in death, i don't know the engine size! I've read the stamp on the engine as F06I8D, can any help...
  9. 1961 Impala Convertible Windshield Installation

    Restoration Corner
    I have a 61 Impala that I have been working on for the past 25 years. I finally got the paint and most of the trim back on the car, but I have several questions regarding the installation of the windshield. I found all the trim for the interior and exterior that goes around the windshield...
  10. Raising and Working Under a 67 Vert

    Restoration Corner
    Hey, everyone. I need to do some extensive work under my 67 vert. One or more of the floor pan support frames have rusted out so I need to remove the old and install (weld) the new. I also have to patch many holes in my floor to include replacing two or more complete pans. The exhaust and drive...
  11. Help with how to full the pumps and line, please

    Hey everyone. For my 67 convertible... does that plug at the end of the pump come all the way out to fill it or am I suppose to insert a hose or something in the hole in the plug? I tried to get the plug out earlier but it looked like I was about to break it so I stopped. Thanks for any help...
  12. Hello Fellow Impala Lovers

    Welcome Forum
    Hey everyone. Just found this site today and thought I'd register and see what it's all about. The very first car that I ever owned was a 67 Impala SS and I've wanted one ever since I got rid of my original so long ago. Well, this weekend I bought a project car... a 67 ragtop! Here's a shot of...
  13. '68 Convertible A-pillar weatherstrip

    Body Shop
    The weatherstripping on the sides of the windshield of my '68 convertible are tattered on the outside edge, but still seem to seal against the door pretty well. They just look bad. I purchased replacement rubber that is supposed to be the best replacement brand, but upon inspection, they don't...