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  1. Cowl Tag Help

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    I’ve read several discussions and have decoded most of my tag. W2M3C50 Tinted windshield 2nd group Powerglide Padded Dash 50??????? Don’t know what those last 2 numbers are? Just purchased yesterday and it’s a 16637 SS built at Tarrytown NY Artesian Turquoise (repainted black) Black buckets...
  2. Cowl Tag ACC decode

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    Hello, new member here.... I'm in the process of purchasing a 64 Impala SS, VIN checks out as 41447 L xxxxxx so verified as true SS. I figured out the Trim and Paint from Cowl Tag, they match the vehicle but need some help with the 4th row ACC - I believe it's the options on the car, can...
  3. Newb needs clarification: 1966 Impala

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    Hello...I am new to Chevy Full-size Automobile ownership, however, not new to GM auto collecting, having owned and still owning some '60s and '70s GM mid-sized muscle cars, i.e., Camaros, Firebirds, GTOs, 442s, Corvettes. I just recently traded for a beautiful 1966 Impala 2dr hdt with big...