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  1. Body Shop
    Brand new to the forum and I am looking for some help getting my hands on a couple parts I can't seem to find through normal means. The trunk floor has been completely removed and I have all the replacement panels from Classic Industries, but the lower sections of the inner wheel houses are...
  2. General Tech
    Should the Cowl Tag show a code for a 396? The Vin says it's a V8 SS, the Cowl Tag lists a Muncie 4, Seatbelts, and a Tinted Windshield, but nothing is listed as group 3 or 4. I haven't picked it up yet, is there anything that I should look for in a '66 Convertible? It has a 396 bored to a...
  3. Tag Team
    I checked the cowl plate and here is what I have. 03B Style 64 1447 SL15283 Body Trim 815. 900 paint W2KMPSR3C5W Then a bigger number 4 below and to the right The Vin is 41447 5 xxxxxx Middle may be an S? So far we know it is an SS black on black with AC, PS, PB 327 auto with...
  4. Convertibles
    I'm having problems locating the hood to cowl seal for my impala. I've checked various catalogs, but can only find for 1967... would that fit a 68? Thanks.
1-4 of 4 Results