1. Turn Signal & Idiot light lenses

    Restoration Corner
    I need to replace the Green (for turn signal & cold indicators) and the red for Hot, Brake, Bright, Oil Pressure, Generator indicators. Anyone have any suppliers? I spoke with one speedo shop and he makes them by using clear plastic and painting them. He then uses a "pad" printer (don't know...
  2. 1969 Impala Dash Lens

    Looking for replacement strip (dash lens) for a 69. Meaning the strip that lights up when hot, low fuel, etc.
  3. Fuel Gauge/Warning Lights

    Restoration Corner
    Hello everyone! I am new to the forum as I got my 1970 Impala after getting rid of a 1974 Corvette. I love the car and it runs/drives great, but there are a few issues I'm hoping you can help with. The first is the fuel gauge. Is there a fuse somewhere that could be blown in that circuit that...
  4. 66 SS Dash Bezel

    Hello Bought an 1966 SS lately and the previous owner had its dash trim covered in wood-like sticker. I got the aluminum bezel parts ...would it fit instead ? Need your help Here are some pictures for your reference. Thanks
  5. 67 dash cover removal

    Hello everyone, Been away for a bit, prepping the interior for the new metal work but have hit a snag. Im going to have to replace or recover the dash cover for my 67 Impala. However I cant seem to locate any clips or release nuts for it. Suggestions?
  6. 1967 Impala, 4 dr, HT - radio installation

    General Tech
    Hi... Does anyone have any instructions (a link or self-typed is fine) on how to replace the stock radio on my 67 Impala, 4 dr, hardtop? What would be the easiest way? I'm not sure whether I need to remove the dash (if so, how??) or if I can simply go from underneath and do it that way. Any...
  7. 1967 Dash Light Replacement

    Electrical & Wiring
    Hey everybody! One of the lights behind my dashboard went out on the 67, how do I go about changing it? It looked behind the dash and it didn't look there was anything I could just unplug and go. Thanks!
  8. 65 Dash restoration

    I've pulled the dash from my 1965 Impala for refurbishing and repainting. I'm not sure I removed it using the best approach, since I scratched the aluminum trim a bit. It was also not much fun. I first removed the plastic dash insert with the gauges still attached, then removed the metal dash...