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  1. Body Shop
    Pulled the windshield and found suspected misery hidden behind 3 lbs of urethane previous owner slathered in there. I need cowl and dashboard. I found an aftermarket cowl assembly. Does anyone know where I can find a dashboard? 'thank you in advance
  2. Body Shop
    Looking for a 66 impala dash bezel with radio panel. Thanks
  3. Restoration Corner
    I need to replace the Green (for turn signal & cold indicators) and the red for Hot, Brake, Bright, Oil Pressure, Generator indicators. Anyone have any suppliers? I spoke with one speedo shop and he makes them by using clear plastic and painting them. He then uses a "pad" printer (don't know...
  4. Interiors
    Looking for replacement strip (dash lens) for a 69. Meaning the strip that lights up when hot, low fuel, etc.
  5. Restoration Corner
    Hello everyone! I am new to the forum as I got my 1970 Impala after getting rid of a 1974 Corvette. I love the car and it runs/drives great, but there are a few issues I'm hoping you can help with. The first is the fuel gauge. Is there a fuse somewhere that could be blown in that circuit that...
  6. Interiors
    Hello Bought an 1966 SS lately and the previous owner had its dash trim covered in wood-like sticker. I got the aluminum bezel parts ...would it fit instead ? Need your help Here are some pictures for your reference. Thanks
  7. Interiors
    Hello everyone, Been away for a bit, prepping the interior for the new metal work but have hit a snag. Im going to have to replace or recover the dash cover for my 67 Impala. However I cant seem to locate any clips or release nuts for it. Suggestions?
  8. General Tech
    Hi... Does anyone have any instructions (a link or self-typed is fine) on how to replace the stock radio on my 67 Impala, 4 dr, hardtop? What would be the easiest way? I'm not sure whether I need to remove the dash (if so, how??) or if I can simply go from underneath and do it that way. Any...
  9. Electrical & Wiring
    Hey everybody! One of the lights behind my dashboard went out on the 67, how do I go about changing it? It looked behind the dash and it didn't look there was anything I could just unplug and go. Thanks!
  10. Interiors
    I've pulled the dash from my 1965 Impala for refurbishing and repainting. I'm not sure I removed it using the best approach, since I scratched the aluminum trim a bit. It was also not much fun. I first removed the plastic dash insert with the gauges still attached, then removed the metal dash...
1-10 of 10 Results