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  1. Engine
    I am rather new when it comes to restoring classic cars but, I am buying a 1969 Impala with a 400 small block. And in order not to guzzle down my gas money I had the thought of taking out the original engine and replacing it with a more modern engine, say from the 2000's up. How practical would...
  2. Engine
    I am highly considering doing a resto mod for a 66-69 impala. I have found a few of these cars without the engine and transmission so I thought it would be perfect for restoring the body and interior but doing a modern V8 and manual tranny. I wanted to build the engine before I jumped into the...
  3. General Tech
    I was wondering was it possible to swap a 96 bonneville ssei motor into a 2004 impala body? can anyone please give me advice about the matter.
1-3 of 3 Results