1. NW Machine Shops for rebuilding engine

    Merry Christmas everyone, Im nearing the point in restoration to have my Impala's 327 engine rebuilt. Nothing major in the way of modifying, keeping numbers so not looking to replace with new units. Ive heard of a few places in the area like Britco in Centralia and Block & Head Machine in...
  2. Suggestions for a Resto-mod

    I am highly considering doing a resto mod for a 66-69 impala. I have found a few of these cars without the engine and transmission so I thought it would be perfect for restoring the body and interior but doing a modern V8 and manual tranny. I wanted to build the engine before I jumped into the...
  3. New Engine Troubles

    General Tech
    Hi... Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to ask a few questions about the rebuild process of my 1967 Impala (4 door, hardtop). I'm having a few engine issues (FYI. entire motor/transmission is new parts - running a 350 small block); my car is carbureted (Edelbrock carb), it runs great when...
  4. restarting issues

    Hey, im new to this forum i have 1963 impala with a 350 2 speed tran when the car is cold it fires right up with no problems, but once the engine gets warm i cannot restart the car, if i keep trying to start it, the battery terminals get burnt, and my starter gets fried i have rebuild my...
  5. 2003 Impala electrical issues

    Hello all, mi '03 impala has been giving me some issues. While driving there is this loud buzzing sound in the dashboard and everything in the dash board shuts down, after about 2 seconds everything comes back to normal, then the locks in my doors begin lo make the buzzing sound locking and...
  6. 1963 Convertible Engine Code Decipher

    Tag Team
    Hello Everyone! I've just inherited the family's 1963 Convertible. I've loved this car my whole life, i just wish that it was given to me under better circumstances. Since it was given to me in death, i don't know the engine size! I've read the stamp on the engine as F06I8D, can any help...