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  1. Performance
    Hi all, I currently have a 67 Impala, 350 small block engine - I installed headers 5 years ago (about 60K miles on them) - most of the driving was done in the last 3 - 4 years. About 3 - 4 months ago the driver's side header had a rusted out brittle area, which created a hole. I welded a...
  2. Engine
    So My car is named Frankenstein due to the following tidbits: 307 motor from a 69 chevelle, rochester 4gc from ???, 2 speed powerglide that probably came with the car, and its sweet green interior. So the car runs well enough (hate that AWFUL 4gc carb though), but there is a hole that appears...
  3. General Tech
    going this weekend to hopefully buy a '65, 2 door w/ 327. 1st thing out of the blocks, this car needs is exhaust! I need some suggestions.... Presently, it has dual cherry bombs on it and they are in bad shape, + the tail pipes are gone - literally. They were cut off a couple of years back...
1-3 of 3 Results