1. What fits?

    Body Shop
    Just bought a 68 4 dr hardtop that needs pretty much an entire front end. Need advice on what is going to fit. I know this generation ran from 65-70 and that Chevy made did facelifts on an almost annual basis. So, questions galore to follow. Needing a front end, of course I am looking into...
  2. 1973 Impala HELP!! Can't find parts!!

    Body Shop
    I am trying to get my 1973 Impala into decent shape at least but I have not been able to find any of the body pieces on the internet anywhere. Impala bobs had a few pieces but they were reallllllyyy over priced. I need a passenger front fender and a back glass
  3. Left Side Lower Fender bolt mount

    Once the main portion of the inner rocker walls was completed, it was time to move to the lower fender bolt mount. It was fragile with rust so I decided to replace it. Problem is it's not offered as a repop. So I'll just make one. Cut out entire piece. Took some measurements and started...
  4. Need Engine Compartment factory colors

    Restoration Corner
    Does anyone know where I can go to find out the original colors of specific parts, i.e. inner fender wells, fan shroud, radiator support. I've seen both gloss black and black satin. Any input is welcome.