floor pan

  1. Another newbie question from me

    Ok, keeping up with my newbie questions as I keep going on my '69, I have a couple question, so bear with me. I know they are not all interior questions, so I will apologize in advance for using the wrong forum for a question. In one of the pictures attached, there is a knob on the kick panel...
  2. 61' floor pan / seat track mounting

    General Tech
    Could use some tech help on my bubbletop with bench seat- I'm in the middle of replacing my floor pans and stumped about the seat track mounting. Can't find anything searching all the tech blogs My original braces have the seat mounting plate attached and the seat mount holes are at 9" apart...
  3. Patch or Replace

    Body Shop
    We are making a little more progress on our restoration. Finally got the body out and blasted to see how far the rust problems go. There are mainly holes in the floor everywhere that a brace touches and at a lot of seams in the trunk. The rear quarters have rust around the bottom also. It...
  4. Replace Right side front floorpan

    Well after completing the Driver side, I decided to go back and repalce the passenger front floor pan. I thought it looked good at first but after seeing my evolved work on the driver side I felt I could do it better. So I just cut out all of the previous work I had done and got ready to replace...
  5. Driver Side Floor Pan continued

    Now that the brace and seat support bracket and extra support bracket for the brace have been welded in, it's time to drop in the pan. One last test fit before drilling out holes for welding. Drilled all the holes Dropped it in and plug welded all the holes and then welded the edges...
  6. Driver Side Floor Pan

    So now that I have more experience, the drivers side floor pan should be easy... First I cut out a bigger area for two reasons. Also discovered straight edges made fitting pieces easier (duh).There was way more rust on this side and I felt more confident tackling metal work. Bought the...