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  1. Parts for sale
    I recently had a Vintage Air A/C unit installed in my '65 and now have all the original heater parts available for sale. All are in good shape, and everything works including blower motor, control unit and all cables. There doesn't seem to be much of a market for this stuff, so I lowered the...
    $20 USD
  2. Heating & Cooling
    Hello... I have a 67 Impala, 4 door, hardtop, 350 small block engine. Can someone please tell me how to enable the heater? I already have a hose connected to the heater core in the corner passenger side of the engine bay. The other end of the cable doesn't go into anything yet; can someone...
  3. Heating & Cooling
    Does anyone have a photo of a complete heating unit from the engine compartment of the 1967 Impala sedan? I dont believe mine is complete and want to compare IF anyone is able to provide. Much appreciated. -R
  4. Heating & Cooling
    Hello! My 67 has no heat or cool at all at the moment as it was a Comfortron equiped vehicle once and that stuff died. I'm sure I don't want the comfortron system restored as the old parts have been ripped out by some psyco making sure it was inrepairable. Now I've located a heater/defroster...
1-4 of 4 Results