1. Cowl Tag ACC decode

    Tag Team
    Hello, new member here.... I'm in the process of purchasing a 64 Impala SS, VIN checks out as 41447 L xxxxxx so verified as true SS. I figured out the Trim and Paint from Cowl Tag, they match the vehicle but need some help with the 4th row ACC - I believe it's the options on the car, can...
  2. Help - My Impala caught fire!

    General Tech
    I was driving the other day and went off the road when all my dash lights went on, my windshield wipers stopped working, my steering was acting weird and my brakes didn't work right. I called AAA to tow my vehicle and my friend came up. After being there for a little bit, my friend noticed smoke...
  3. Newb needs clarification: 1966 Impala

    Welcome Forum
    Hello...I am new to Chevy Full-size Automobile ownership, however, not new to GM auto collecting, having owned and still owning some '60s and '70s GM mid-sized muscle cars, i.e., Camaros, Firebirds, GTOs, 442s, Corvettes. I just recently traded for a beautiful 1966 Impala 2dr hdt with big...
  4. 1967 Impala Steering Wheel

    Restoration Corner
    Hello everyone, I am in need of a new or well remanufactured or restored steering wheel for a 1967 Chevrolet Impala, the ones in the catalogs such as OER or Classic are not correct and the horn button from the original will not fit these poor quality clones that don’t match in any way shape or...