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  1. Body Shop
    does anyone know if a 1968 or a 1970 impala hood will fit on a 1969 impala? I am looking to buy a fiberglass hood for my 69 impala, if you know of any companies that make them or any other fiberglass body panels for my car that would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  2. Engine
    Does anyone have any thoughts what big block oval port dual plane intake would work best to provide enough hood clearance in a 64 with a 454? Currently, I installed an Edelbrock air gap with a Holley 750 - 4160 and the hood meets the carb. Any help is greatly appreciated! Rob
  3. Convertibles
    I'm having problems locating the hood to cowl seal for my impala. I've checked various catalogs, but can only find for 1967... would that fit a 68? Thanks.
  4. Body Shop
    I have installed new hood hinges and hood springs on my 1964 Impala SS and the hood still will not stay up. I purchased both the springs and hinges from Classic Industries. I have checked with other parts suppliers and most tell me no one makes reproduction springs for 63-64 Impalas. Anyone have...
  5. General Tech
    When I bought my '64 last November the hood would stay open on it's own. It was a little squeaky so I sprayed the hood hinges with lubricant and it stopped staying open. I thought the springs might have been tired so I purchased new ones off Paddock and replaced only to find them softer and...
1-5 of 5 Results