1. Another newbie question from me

    Ok, keeping up with my newbie questions as I keep going on my '69, I have a couple question, so bear with me. I know they are not all interior questions, so I will apologize in advance for using the wrong forum for a question. In one of the pictures attached, there is a knob on the kick panel...
  2. 1968 2 door hardtop rear window interior trim

    Can someone please post a picture or explanation of what the interior trim looks like around the rear window of 1968 2 door hardtop (not a fastback)? I inherited the car and it was already removed and I think I'm missing the corners maybe? I have three metal pieces: one long arc-shaped piece...
  3. Help with Interior Color

    Hello , I plan on refreshing my SS interior, and appreciate your input guys. The Interior color code is ( 844-B ) which is bright blue, and I am going for the OER interior paint. I am confused since they have like several shades in blue, should I go for light or bright blue ? If used, will...
  4. column shift transmission conversion

    Transmission & Driveline
    1967 impala 4d double bench no console So I am looking to upgrade from a powerglide to a 700r4 or a 2004r and I am curious about how to go about the column shifter and indicator with the extra low gear options while keeping the indicator functional. I'm not opposed to a floor conversion I just...
  5. 67 dash cover removal

    Hello everyone, Been away for a bit, prepping the interior for the new metal work but have hit a snag. Im going to have to replace or recover the dash cover for my 67 Impala. However I cant seem to locate any clips or release nuts for it. Suggestions?
  6. Sun Visor Bracket Question

    New to the forum and 1st question. I just picked up new sun visor brackets for my 62. I compared multiple suppliers products first hand at various car shows and swapmeets. I believe the brackets I got are of good quality. The brackets came with plastic sleeves for the visor shaft, the only...
  7. 65 Seat interchangeability

    Restoration Corner
    Hi, I am in the process of restoring a 65 Bel Air, but I am having a little trouble finding the seat covers. I would like to keep the interior as correct as possible, but I do not have the money to have an upholstery shop make the covers. I have found 65 Impala seat covers all over the...
  8. Seat covers '68 Impala to '65 Bel Air

    I have a '65 Bel Air 2dr post . Of course the Bel Air does not have the rear speaker in the seat . I can buy the original style cloth/vinyl seat covers but with 11 Grandkids I'm a little worried about cloth stains . So I am considering all vinyl . I love the 2 tone '66 Impala vinyl covers but...
  9. Interior painting... matching and best source

    Hey everyone. Regarding painting the interior... what is the best paint to use, who supplies it and how can I match my current interior gold color on my 67 vert? I have some rust spots on my dash and glove box for example. After removing the rust I imagine I need to prime it and paint it...
  10. Interior suppliers - your experiences?

    I'm looking for feedback from those of you who have installed reproduction interiors in your Chevy. I'd appreciate knowing: where you got your kit how long ago you installed it its quality its fit how complete was it? (missing/additional hardware needed) how close did it match the original...
  11. 2006 Impala LT speakers

    Hope I'm not too far out, looks like most posts here are related to older restorations. I have a 2006 LT without the Bose sound system. Chevy has made dropping in aftermarket speakers rather difficult, shame on them. I'm not looking to do any high-end sound projects, just port over my decent...