1. Powerglide 1.76 Gearset Diagnosis

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hey everyone. First post on here, though I've been a member for a while and it has been an excellent resource. Anyway, I began the teardown on my powerglide this weekend in preparation for a rebuild and noticed some serious discoloration on the gearset carrier (image attached). I just wanted to...
  2. PG or TH ?

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hello, I've enjoyed my 66 Impala quite some time, cruising and weekends drive around the town, and to nearby shows. A friend got me thinking about replacing the PowerGlide transmission with a 3spd TH unit. I wanna keep it as original as much I can, yet enjoy it on longer Highway drives...
  3. PowerGlide Trans/Shifting

    Transmission & Driveline
    I have been reading and am I to understand that PG 2 speed trannys shift into second when you pressed the accelerator all the way to the floor? Doesn't that cause over revving, or does that get you to the correct RPM's? I don't have a tachometer so I don't know what that target is? I'm...
  4. re: Powerglide 2 speed

    re: Powerglide 2 speed Assuming a PG is running good, will it make a long 3 hour trip of freeway driving ok?, say at the speed limit 65 mph? I've heard both that these transmissions are for around town, and others say the as long as the shifting is adjusted freeway driving is ok, does anyone...
  5. servicing a 1965 Powerglide transmission, HELP!

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hi Everyone. i promise i will go and introduce myself in the proper forum once ive gotten over my immediate concern for my transmission :) My name is Yvonne, im restoring a 1965 Impala sedan and enjoying the project trying to do as much as i can myself at home... i have a hoist under the...
  6. 1965 impala ss neutral safety switch?

    Transmission & Driveline
    Hello everybody, I recently bought a 1965 ss impala with the original 283 and Powerglide trans. I finally made the car start and got the engine to stay on, but when I put it in drive the car did not move. I put it in all the gears and the car would not move. I checked the transmission oil and it...
  7. 1962 Impala 4 dr Sedan, new to group

    Welcome Forum
    I don't typically join groups online much less enter into threaded discussions but I figure my car is worth it. I have owned this car since 1993. It was my first car when I turned 16 and it is presently slated to be inherited by my 5 year old son when he turns 16...maybe. The car was a...
  8. Stuck mid swap 700r4 for my Powerglide

    Transmission & Driveline
    After finally buying a correct 700r4 I took out the Powerglide and bolted the 700r4 to my 327 today. I have 3 questions I'm stuck on: 1.The 700r4 has 3 wires coming out Blue, Purple, & Pink w/Black Stripe. Can someone tell me which wire goes where? I think only one needs power for the OD to...