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  1. Heating & Cooling
    Hey guys, wondering if anyone can help me, heater is off and not working but i have the heat from the engine coming through the vent under the dash, can get very hot, does any one know how to close this vent or what the problem is? Thanks.
  2. Troubleshooting
    Hey Everyone, I have a 2008 Impala LTZ with the 3.9L and I'm at around 85,000 miles. When I'm cruising at highways speeds and I slightly accelerate to go up a hill the car seems to jerk back a few times almost in a bucking motion before finally smoothing out and speeding up. The check engine...
  3. Engine
    Hey, im new to this forum i have 1963 impala with a 350 2 speed tran when the car is cold it fires right up with no problems, but once the engine gets warm i cannot restart the car, if i keep trying to start it, the battery terminals get burnt, and my starter gets fried i have rebuild my...
1-3 of 3 Results